The Aircraft

Designed and built exclusively by CMS Race Performance, the Kahu offers the leading edge in construction, and practical design…

The CAD designed, 99% composite construction with precision laser cut structural support items provides a structurally sound, durable, but lightweight platform for many demanding tasks.

Kahu -The Aircraft

The Kahu is designed to excel in the following areas

  • Autonomous flight system usage
  • Aerial Search and Location detection
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Bush Fire Surveillance and Assessment
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Target Drone
  • Data Collection
  • Airborne Particle Collection
  • Aerial Still or Video Photography
  • Cinematography


  • Spacious Composite Fuselage for payload positioning with exceptional access
  • Composite “Hollow” wings allow for larger fuel tanks, and equipment placement
  • Customer allocated wing compartments
  • Nitro, Petrol or Electric propulsion
  • Can be operated with Fixed tricycle undercarriage, Retractable Tricycle Undercarriage, no undercarriage (Belly Landing), “Dolly”, Vehicle or catapult launch
  • Fully flying tailplane allowing precise control and less drag for autonomous flight systems
  • Replaceable wingtips; Standard or Winglet
  • Multiple wing designs and spans.
  • Pusher engine configuration allowing for exceptional forward view camera mounting
  • Paintwork/colour scheme as per customer requirement


  • Fuselage Length       2300mm
  • Wingspan                     2840mm*
  • Height                             530mm**

* Does not include wing tips; ** No undercarriage fitted

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